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Light-reflective spray/ Horse and Pets / Albedo100 - stock clearance!

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The spray has a light grey shade that might be perceived as colourless but is light-reflective in the dark.
It should be used on dry surfaces, but rain can't wash off.
The spray is easily washed off with water, soap or shampoo and does not affect the fur.
Albedo100 Horse and Pets is most effective when sprayed on the animals fur/coat. Ideally spray on limbs or moving parts such as the tail to get the most out of the reflective properties. 

Should not be used in animals that are sensitive to shampoo or a similar product impact, as well as on open wounds. Do not spray on the animal's face.


How to use:

  • Always spray outside or in well-ventilated areas. Shake the can vigorously +1 minute (at least 20 sec after you hear the bulb inside). Repeat during application.
  • After shaking, spray immediately from a distance of approximately 1 foot, with even swiping movements. Hold the can upright while spraying. Do not over apply. Dries in a couple of minutes at normal room temperature.
  • Clean the nozzle after use, by spraying upside down for 1-2 sec.


This product was patented in Sweden.
Made in Sweden.

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