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Чернaя леска с позолоченными разъемами, 60 cm

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The length mentioned Knit Pro interchangeable cable is achieved when the cables are attached to the interchangeable needle tips.



Cable: Join the interchangeable needle tips to the cables to experience and effortless knitting for hours.


Cable keys: The cable key must be used to tightly fasten the needle tip to the cable. It prevents your needle tip from coming loose while knitting.


Cable caps: The cable caps enable you to work on more than one project at a time. The caps screw onto the cable ends to securely hold your project on the cable, while you remove the needle tips for use in another project.


How to use:

  • Insert the straight end on the cable key into the hole in the metal end of the cable.
  • Use the curved end of the cable key as a handle while twisting on the needle tip.



1. Always hold the needle tip from the metallic part to tighten to prevent the needle tip from becoming loose.

2. A cable key should always be used to tighten the interchangeable needle to the cable. It is very important to make the connection very tight otherwise the needle could become loose and the knitting could unravel.


Made in India by Knit Pro.

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